Subdirectory for image storage

In my database, I have 2 pictures for every product variation I have. One is used for sales purposes, and the other is used when I buy products abroad. The 2 images are jpg files, with the same name, but usually stored in 2 different subfolders.
The “Data type” is Image (File Name)
When I save images in the default image folder, the images are displayed in the application, but when I create the 2 subfolders by adding /sale and /purchase in the field “Subdirectory for local storage” and activating “Create subfolder”, the application creates the 2 folders on the server and saves the images correctly in the folders and the database, but the images do not appear when I run the application.
I would appreciate a solution to this problem.

Something similar happens to me, it actually saves the images correctly but with a size of 0 Kbytes, the Data type is File Name, and it is saved in the database, correctly, even within the programmed folder, but I can’t see

Does this happen in the grid or the form or both? I have had issues with images showing up in grids and I had to totally work around it not using Scriptcase procedures.

My pictures are saved correctly in full size in the two folders, and they are also deleted correctly. When I scroll over the records, the saved pictures flash up in the form but are gone again before I actually can see what picture it is. It’s really annoying there are no samples of using subfolders in the Scriptcase documentation or videos.

It’s happening in a form. I have not tried to use the subfolder in a grid yet. I will try later and come back on this.
No problems in a grid. Both pictures show up the right way. So it must obviously be a BUG. Would you please elaborate on your workaround?