Suggested settings for mobile application

I understand that SC is responsive … but mobile doesn’t seem to be easy to get to. I see that others have done it and am wondering if anyone might share tips / tricks / things you learned to get things to work well on a mobile platform.

I use mobile detect before login.
Then I have two menus. Desktop and mobile.
I have custom apps for each menu.
Lastly, I also edit access by setting user rights to each user group.

One way to simplify things is to have the application run in a “kiosk container” which avoids the typical browser problems (back key, refresh). There are many free. We have chosen Fully Kiosk Browser and it works quite well.

Just a brief glance at that … Fully Kiosk Browser … looks interesting … but unfortunately I have users on apple. It appears to be android only.

But thank you for the tips … that’s where I was headed … two different menus with different applications

Maybe an additional trick or tip:

all my desktop applications have d_ at the beginning
such as d_menu
and mobile m_
as for example m_menu

This makes it much easier for me to set up rights for individual groups later, because I have up to 300 applications, and then without the system everything becomes opaque.

Great tip @rik Thanks for sharing!

I write a simple app in App Studio, and another in MIT App inventor, to use an Scriptcase in android. And work fine…
I sing in (login) and store user and pass in local db, and then, force login in ScriptCase…

what a shame to pay $1500 for the tool which force people to use another tool because the main tool cannot even keep up with the basic needs (like responsive menu).

I could live iwth the 2 moenu version of the project however I cannot get even one to work correctly. When the App is opened on mobile everything gets rearranged incorrectly. I tried every possible compination in the MOBILE tab settings and nothing works. I need each menu item listed in each own row and SC seem to lay them out randomly (sometimes one in a row sometimes two,…).
It is a nightmare ! I wonder if there is any solution to that ???