Suggestion->Default variables for testing

This seems like it would be a pretty simple addition.

Application->Global Variables
A box to set the Development Default value

So if I have 4 session variables I use on a Form application, I can set the default values to what I need to test it in the DEV environment… right now,when I have to make changes to the application, I refresh everything and generate it, I have to enter in these default testing values… over and over again.

Either that or a Master Global varible section when I name all the master global variables I will be using in the project and set a DEV value to them all.
then when I generate it can ask me: Use default values? And I can choose Yes or No.
Yes = its done. it pulls from my Dev value table.
No sends me ot the current page, where I input the values by hand.


That will help lot, also could be useful set up multiple set of values:

[var1] = 0
[var2] = “Test value”

[var1] = (empty)
[var2] = “Another test value”

When you run the application , you can insert values for all variables, as it is now, OR you can choose from a dropdown which set use, and once choosed the variables get the values from that set.

As a workaround now I use another way, in the cose of the app, in the AppInit event I check if I’m in development environment (checking URL) , and in that case I fill variables with my personal test set values.

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