Suggestions for future release

  • Would love to be able to drag and drop fields in development, to create a very custom form formatting
  • Track variable vales during execution for better debugging.
  • Some analysis on syntax errors found during execution.
  • POP up windows during run time for a Yes/No response.
  • Bottom of Field window, in forms, allows CSS attributes to be set. They never work first time. Currently works only after I sign out and sign in again.

On that last one, something that works quite often is an extension that clears your browser cache. Gives you a click instead of signing out/in.

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And also something that on deployment can be used to trigger cache refreshes - I frequently get queries from users that end up being resolved by a cache refresh. If it was possible to trigger this after updates it would be very helpful.

I always do reload web services right after I update the code, so users will get the last update of the code.
In Apache which run on Centos, I do # systemctl reload httpd

There’s quite a few things SC could improve on, but one big issue is the inbuilt code editor…it’s archaic and downright limited. I typically draft my code in Visual Studio Code and then copy and paste back to SC. So, one feature I would strongly press for is either a better inbuilt code editor or a specific SC extension for Visual Studio Code that integrates with SC.

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