Support for PHP 8.1

Dear Scriptcase support:

Ok, I’m probably impatience… But it’s been weeks since we had the webinar about supporting PHP 8.1. We’ve seen several upgrades with whistles and bells, including PWA. When does the version supporting PHP 8.+ will come out? It is urgently needed!!!

     PHP 8.1 is a giant leap and the pussies at SC are holding back as it's probably just as bug written as 9.7 the seem to focus on adding new features rather than fix the core.

If there was a credible alternative to SC they would loose a lot of custom.
We want core development no endless webinars, telling me what I already know.

Personally, I have moved already. The increase in license price did it for me. But at the university I work for, it is becoming an issue that we still are on 7.4 (and that is officially not supported by SC). Don’t want to repeat all I wrote in other posts, but…

May one ask what you are using now?

I’ve send you a pm. Don’t want to discuss other products here.

I rather wait for a while then solve bugs as usually

I notice that if i develop in php 7.3 and deploy app on php 7.4 , database connections will not work (azure sql or azure sql server). this becomes a problem when hosting provider (in my case Azure apps) stops supporting 7.3 like at present.

if we move development environment to a new php version, i need to test it first.
it means i need two development environments, one with older php version to support my app, and one/ test development for migrating to php 8.

is there a road map by SC for enabling more dev environments? i do not mind it to be limited , but it should be covered by the current single licence. IMHO.

please vote!

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The only way to do that is to install in different folders and switch license all the time, (not sure how many times you can do that) or using trials with ‘fake’ email address (I really hate that solution, but buying an additional license as a temporary solution is $$$ and it was advised by SC in one of the webinars). But the real issue is that PHP 7.3 is end-of-life, php 7.4 is not supported, 8.1 is ‘under development’, but even today not available to the public. I still see regular updates with lots of whistles and bells, but if they for one time would focus on things that are really important…

I hope SC understands our situation, we cannot go to 7.4 or 8 as is, without running parallel extra dev installation for all testing and changes , which can take few months.

I have projects that are on maintenance, so I fix some bugs if and when they pop up, also usually are internal applications, so I don’t need to use the latest PHP the PHP on which the project is born is good, so I don’t like to migrate the application to PHP 8.1 if I don’t need, then I’d like to start new projects or migrate projects I need the PHP 8.1.

Netmake should change SC so the PHP version to use to run a project is a setting, SC can run on a PHP versione they like , BUT once compiled a project I can choose to run the project with 7.3 OR 8.1.

SC has a folder components, where there are the apache folder, and the php folder (now it’s 7.3), they could install a folder php8_1 , SC will run with the PHP , while they can manage ( via .htaccess or apache.conf ) the a porject in the folder \wwwroot\scriptcase\app\myproject use a php version I choose on project setting form.

In this way, no need to install another SC instance, no need to get mad changing licenses, project by project I can choose which PHP use so I can change my project if and when I want, I can keep a project with php 7.3, to make bugfix or new functions , meanwhile I can work on fixing the porject to be able to run with PHP 8.1.


awesome, a great suggestion!

Have discussed this years ago, but death ears. You can run version 6, 7, 8 and 9 of scriptcase independent as they have their own folder Apache port and license code. So what needs to be done is to create a new license entry so that you can run both versions together. That does not require SC to change much and has the same result. But again, they ‘hear you’, but don’t listen I’m afraid. But who knows. Perhaps…

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This was for previous versions.
I have always opted for manual installation, preferring the configuration of the various Apache / Php environments and chosen Linux as the operating system.
In this way I managed both the ongoing maintenance and the migration of projects to the next version at the right time without losing the previous one. I also recommend changing the database engine for the repositories from SqLite to MySql, much more performing and better in case of multiple users even on the same project.
Currently on the same server we publish versions 6 to 9, each with its own PHP version of reference, obviously each under different domain.
I sincerely hope that the PHP 8.1 version will be released with a release number like 10.x to continue this way.
Hello everybody.

Hi I recently downloaded the beta copy for php 8.1 and followed gbravi advice set up on sub domains that allow different versions of php. So far the apps I have evaluated are working fine.
My problem is the I have to register this beta copy with a licence otherwise on deployment you get the red banner saying evaluation copy, which means I will have to deploy again to get rid of this. Scriptcase could have allowed a time limited full install. I have some apps that need code changes so this will take a while, happy days

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