Tab passing WHERE variable to grid


I made a 1 grid and put WHERE category=[cat] in sql section.

I’m trying to linking it to tab so that I dont have to make 7 different same grid to show different category, means that different tab will pass different [cat] variable
and clicking that tab will display the table with different record according to [cat] variable.

for example,

tab A will pass fixed variable “toys” to [cat], tab B will pass fixed variable “music” to [cat].

I already set variable [cat] to “Out” in tab, and I set it “In” in grid.

but it seems that tab application always pass the last tab’s (for example “music” from tab B) to the grid. Only when I delete that B grid, then it will pass variable “toys” to the grid.

anyway to counter this?

I dont like to copy paste 7 grid and rename it, because if I want to change 1 grid then I need to change it all 7.

hope you guys understand my poor english, thanks!

What you wish to do is explained in detail here:

Under Tab Applications