Tabs in Form application looks not so good.


I have a form application which has three blocks. Of these three blocks two are set to display in tab. All these three blocks display in form, but tab are very thin, having no padding, margin, and spacing etc. It would be better if they had padding, margin, and spacing.

I tried to look into the Layout --> CSS Application (themes) under advance edit option of used theme. I didn’t find any option to set styles to the tabs in the form. There is present a Tab CSS option but that is for Tab application not for form application.

Any Idea for “css for tabs in the form application.”

Thank you.


I think what you are looking for is in the advanced, at Form->Blocks->Others. I see padding and spacing there.


Form->Blocks->Others. I see padding and spacing there.

Hi Dave,

The padding and spacing you are talking about, I tested earlier, is for the block. I want to apply padding, margin to heading of tabs in form application. Sorry for not mentioning the word “title of tabs” in earlier post.

That style does not apply to title of tabs in form application.


I just made some changes to the “Tabs” section, in particular the colors, and they showed on my blocks set up as tabs. I did not try the padding there, but the colors for active/Inactive definately show on the block tabs, not just the Tab Forms. If you try it, make sure you clear your cache before testing.


Just tried padding/margins on Tabs->Active and Tabs->Inactive and they show on block tabs as well.


That it! Thanks Dave.

I’ve gotten bit by that many times before :slight_smile: