Text-based CSS-Editor?

Hey guys,

i wanted to ask, if there is a possibility to edit the stylesheets of the application directly? Sometimes the style of application doesn’t work out right, and i need to change it. I know, that there is the graphical editor, but it doesn’t give me all the options and flexibility i need. Hope you can help me.


mmm, in principle yes, but in practice. Problem is that on every generate the new css’s are regenerated too, overwriting your manual changes. On the other hand you can create your own templates and assign your own css’s to them. But you need to test the consequences, it’s a bit fishy to me…

would suggest to have some kind of manual text based editor included, for the menu for instance, as i just posted for that one god I hate it so far, lousy menu editing.
Also maybe the option to import jquery ui based style sheets would also be a start…

Aptana is free. Great editor - you can customize it also.

You can also get tools for Firefox that may help.


Hi vivapolonium,
You can add your custom CSS stylesheet file to overwrite the default SC CSS rules. Just echo a line like this:

echo '<link rel="STYLESHEET" href="custom.css" type="text/css">';

Or create a CUSTOM head template where you include the custom.css file.

When creating your CSS rules in some cases you will need to use the !important property to make sure to overwrite a CSS rule.

I use Codelobster

hi, where i can put this line ?
in which file of project ?