The database connection was not found

i have deployed (tried different methods…all the same) my application. For test purposes, i am deploying onto the same computer as the development envirment. this shouldn’t be a problem because am installing the project into wamp (C:\wamp\www…)

The common libs: C:\wamp\www\scriptcase
the application: C:\wamp\www\Firm02

i can log into the production environment and set up connections as required. That works fine.
But when i access my application i get this error:

The database connection was not found, contact the system administrator. Connection: conn_mysql

Did you set up the database connection??

I said i did (read second last line). The connections are setup properly.
If i deploy without zipping the files or downloading the common libraries then the applications work fine.
which brings me to the question what is the purpose of common lib files?

Its wasnt clear to me that you also setup the deployed database connection. I thought you meant you only setup the developement database connection.
The common lib files hold a number of libraries and settings that are used for various purposes like pdf generation, security, jquery, text editor, excel, barcode generation, zipile handlings, trees, xml, stylesheets and a whole bundle more.


remove your connection from production env. and re set it up, sometimes if you re-publish all the _lib again with common libraries it does replace the connection as well and the browser will cache it up, so you will think it is there, but it is not actually there…

let me tell you something… if you are accessing your application using http://localhost/project/app, try using or localhost if you are using 127 you will find that connection is not there, create it

next time do NOT publish with common libraries unless you’ve changed something in them… in that case, rename your _lib folder to _libxxx and once you are done publishing, replace back the connection files in prod/php…etc. think of your _lib after production publish for the first time as “critical” - that is what I do :slight_smile: