The session ends and returns to the login screen؟

I have a project that has already been completed and has been placed on iis. We face a problem when entering more than one user, the users are expelled and the session is terminated.

Are you running this on a Windows 10 Desktop or Windows Server?

Windows Server and use iis

What version of Windows Server and what version of PHP are you using? I have seen this happen on applications deployed on Windows 10 but not on Windows Server. We strictly use Windows Server / IIS / MSSQL for our deployments.

2016 win server ,php 7.4

Ah this will sound crazy but we have had many issues with PHP 7.4 - try using 7.3. We tried deploying an application to 7.4 and had many odd things happening, downgraded to 7.3 and all issues went away.

thank you sir ,
i will try and tell you .
thank you so much

It turned out to be php version 5.3

Any luck getting things working? PM me if you still need some help I would be happy to assist in troubleshooting.