Theme migration - How to do it?


On first PC i had Scriptcase 8 installation with own Themes created as “Public”. On new-second PC I installed new SC 8 (with new generated license). I would like to move my Themes from PC #1 SC8 to PC #2 SC8.

I moved all my themes to Project’s _lib/css folder, updated .ini file there (added New theme’s names #Name#nm#Name#nm) but I can’t see it (and choose it) in Project.

How to do it? Any hints?

Similar question I found there:


Is there any chance to copy Public Themes between two Scriptcase installations?

Create a project on the 1. computer and select all the themes you want to transfere.
Export project.
Import project on the other computer.
Delete the imported project.


Hi jsb.

It works! Thanks a lot!
Btw, do you know what should be done in SC to manually copy theme? Where in SC is stored information about used themes visible for new projects?
Thanks for answer.