Timout for sc_ajax_message

I’m trying to use sc_ajax_message to display an error message in a single record form. The purpose of the form is to allow the user to upload an Excel spreadsheet. After it is uploaded, the spreadsheet is imported into the database. All of this is working well. After the file is uploaded, I do some checking to make sure it can be imported. If there is a problem, I issue an error message. For testing, I’ve just been echoing the error message, but I’d prefer something that looks better.

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff with sc_ajax_message. It displays ok, I can hide the “Close” button, display the “Ok” button, change the size etc. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work is the timeout setting. The message always disappears after 3 seconds. Ideally, I’d like for it to display for about 20 seconds. My code is simple:

sc_ajax_message(‘File Does Not Exist’,‘Import Error’,‘timeout=20’);

Thanks in advance


I need this now also. We are a year later, i don’t see answers. Is this not working at all or is it resolved?