Two issues

We’re very happy for huge improvements that are happening with Scriptcase service and system features.
There are some issues that we’d like comment on [LIST=1]

  • We notice our Scriptcase install ( standard on linux mint 64 ) is running quite slow. We also notice that the main Scriptcase database file is about 300m Could it be that this file is too big? Are there other factors that could make SC run slow?
  • We frequently get a > simplexml_load_string(): ^ | Script: /opt/NetMake/v81/wwwroot/scriptcase/devel/class/xmlparser/nmXmlparserIniLookup.class.php linha: 154 message when accessing components like textarea field. It doesn't seem likely that this is a workstation issue as in Scriptcase PHP seems to be completely self contained
  • We also notice that there is no system diagram available. [/LIST] [SIZE=3]Issues 2 and 3 have persisted over a number of installs and upgrades. All comments and suggestions appreciated [/SIZE]
  • Check permissions.
    PHP version?
    Diagnosis ok?

    Hi Giu!
    Thanks very much for your comments

    • All permissions inside Scriptcase on the workstation are 777
    • The standard install - latest version - seems to use an internal version so these errors should not be dependant on the host operating system
    Further comment or advice very welcome Mike

    Sorry to be insistent but…

    PHP version? You can install SC with PHP 5.4 or 5.6. There is a big performance difference.
    Diagnosis ok?

    Hi Giu Thanks very much. Sorry for the delay in replying. We are installing from the standard auto installer which installs the SC custom PHP. Does that mean that your comment is relevant? Have we missed that choice?

    Giu - Just checked. 5.6 using PHPINFO()

    Well, I have several SC instances. All with PHP 5.6 AFAIR, SC databases are about 300MB yes.
    What do you mean exactly with " is running quite slow"? I mean, can you give us some example?

    hola, pudiste resolver este error? yo lo tengo ahora y nadie sabe que es