Unable to connect to MSSQL db on remote server from my development system.

Scriptcase newbie and trying to connect to a remote MSSQL server. My development environment is Debian Jessie. I have verified access to the remote server ( on my subnet) and the MSSQL server 2012 does allow remote connection. My problem is the proper way to install freetds and get it working.

I initially installed freetds from an article online and it successfully installed and I do have MSSQL in my php.ini file with Library Version FreeTDS and the MSSQL server I am trying to attach to is configure in /etc/freetds/freetds.conf

I went into the production section and tried to create a new connection but had no luck. There were 5 Choices in the DBMS Type:

MSSQL Server ODBC - gave me error_profile_test_Module
MSSQL Server - Gave me unable to connect
MSSQL Server NATIVE SRO PDO - gave me [SIZE=11px]‘Unable to connect: Connection attempt failed: could not find driver’
MSSQL Server NATIVE SRV - gave me error_profile_test_module
MSSQL Server ODBC - gave me error_profile_test_module

I assume the correct one is MSSQL Server (#2)

I am putting in the correct info so I started thinking the info in /etc/freetds/freetds.conf is not being found.

I did not follow the help documentation that talked about installing FreeTDS via XAMPP because I was afraid installing XAMPP would mess up Apache or MySQL db on my development system

Does Scriptcase look for the FreeTDS conf info at /etc/freetds/freetds.com or at some other location?

Also saw some chatter about installing Microsoft ODBC driver but not sure if this is teh correct way to go or not.

Can someone tell me the best way to connect to my MSSQL server?


On debian you need an odbc as well.

Opened a support call. Had to do a manual re-install. I had a professional license then upgraded to Enterprise recently. There is an MSSQL Serverv ODBC option but it works now using the MSSQL Server option. In any case I’m up and working.