Unable to obtain consistent grid field vertical alignment


Something that I have had a lot of trouble with in Scriptcase for years, is achieving consistent field alignment in grids. Not sure what I am doing wrong, or if it just buggy, but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

The attached picture is an example of what I often get…


In this particular case, both of these fields are text fields, and as far as I can tell they have the same settings (other than length). I have checked Edit Fields (list) and the Tile Horizontal Alignment and Text Alignment is always set the same for each field (not that it impacts this particular issue - but I want you to be sure I set everything the same!).

When I edit each specific field, in the display settings block, the Text Alignment and Vertical Alignment fields are always set to ‘Left’ and ‘Middle’, respectively, and the same for the Title values as well. How then, in the example above, is the "Group Name’ data aligned higher than the ‘Name Display’ value?

I have been through Application Themes, mainly for the Grid, and I have tried to ensure everything is set consistently. What am I missing and where else should I be looking?

Any assistance appreciated.


I is really strange. Never had this issue on vertical alignment.
Are the data clean or there is some hidden newline or breakrow in the data ?

It’s happening often because the CSS is in the cache, usually this will correct by itself after few hour or if you clean your cache

Use inspect to validate if your setting are OK

that’s true. only thing that is annoying is that the edit button in this case always stays cantered in the middle. it would be nice if you could set the edit (and other buttons in the record) also on top or bottem especially with large record like multiple text shown.

Hi @rotrax and @jlboutin60. Thanks. That fixed it. It was the cache. Forgive my ignorance (I am an enterprise app developer more than a web developer)… clearly I need to learn something here… this is on my MacOS dev machine… why are nearly all my changes visible immediately when I generate and re-run the application, but in this case (and occasionally elsewhere) I have to clear the cache in order for the change to take effect? Is this because this is a CSS change?

I guess I am just looking for some predictability… for example, if I change X then I know I have to clear the cache. Is there anything I can do within the SC config to force it to clear the cache under the appropriate circumstances?

Hi @rustyl_aus, this is managed by your browser. Because PHP page are always refresh, the browser will reload them all the time.

But component of the page, like javascript, pictures, CSS, … usually doesn’t change, so the browser, to speed up the rendering of the page do not reload those component. If you don’t browse a lot, those components can stay in the cache for days before there space is needed.

On your dev browser (I use Edge for my normal browsing and Chrome for my dev testing) you can disable the cache (At least on Edge and Chrome) by going into Inspect, then choose the Network tab and you should see the Disable cache option.

On a Mac you can access Inspect by going in View, then Developer Tools