Unable to update ScriptCase

“The requested service is inaccessible. It might be temporarily down. Verify your Internet connection.”

I’m currently running 7.01.0012 on Windows 8. I’ve tried turning off my firewall, but to no avail. Any other suggestions?

It’s working here, but I’ve had a similiar issue once. It resolved automatically. If the issue persist you need to contact support.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve been having the problem for at least a week. In fact, I’m not sure if it has ever worked since I switched to Windows 8. I was just trying to avoid buying a support ticket. :wink:


A few of our customers were facing the same issue due to their antivirus. Try deactivating yours before updating.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Had the same problem -
I run AVG, and when I turned it off - Update worked as expected

Nice one Bartho!


I’m glad I could help.

Bernhard Bernsmann