Undefined method nmgp_redireciona_form

I am receiving the following error
Fatal error: Call to undefined method security_form_edit_users_apl::nmgp_redireciona_form() in C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v8\wwwroot\scriptcase…
\security_form_edit_users\security_form_edit_users_apl.php on line 400

I have searched the forums/googled the issued of the method nmgp_redireciona_form not being defined.
I found a few references but no “answer”.

What I found in my case, is that in form security_form_edit_users I attempt to call sc_redir in the onApplicatinoInit event. This generates code
that attempts to call the method ngmp_redireciona_form inside of security_form_edit_users_apl.php but get’s the fatal error. It turns out that the method is defined
not in security_form_edit_users_apl.php file but in the field security_form_edit_users.php.

I looked in other security forms where sc_redir is used in a similar manor and does not cause an error. In those cases I found that the
call to nmgq_redirectiona_form and the definition are both in the _apl files.

Is this a bug? Or is it a limitation that I don’t know about in regards to the security_form_edit_users application?


Looks like a bug to me.

One thing I would try is to create a new form, and see if you get the same results - nmgq_redirectiona_form being put in the .php instead of the _apl.php file.

BTW what version are you using?


Thanks for your response Dave.

The current version was originally created under version 7 (in the Application Settings it shows the Application Code as
I do have a different project that was created under version 8 and SC does put the nmgp_recirectiona_form in the _apl.php file.

Is there a way to force Scriptcase to completely regenerate the code for this one application? Or am I going to have to create a new
version of this application?

Every time you click ‘run’ or ‘generate’ then the full application will be generated. What Dave means is that sometimes wrong code is generated due to some misconfiguration in your form and that’s sometimes very hard to find. Creating the application under a different name then can be the solution. Deleting the application and create a new one under the same name is not recommended as some settings are not deleted from the database causing the same issue(s).

Hello, the only way I found was to change the sc_redir() to the conventional PHP redirect method:

header (‘Location: http: //your.domain/app_login/’);