union two Tables to show on the calendar

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how to union two tables so the calendar its self would reflect the events. The data comes from two tables which we are just trying to represent in one calendar.

Any Suggestions would be grateful!

You can only use the calendar with ONE table.

If you really need to UNION some tables i think you will have to make ONE new table containing the data you need and use this table in your calendar app.

One more thing…

In order to make this new table automatically you can use the menu. When clicking the menu item to open this calendar you can run the SQL statement to make the new table.

@nonkelmike Thank you i figured that would be the response. but just wanted to ask in case someone had a work around. That may work! thank you

the solution with a new temporary table is fine. But if you change data in the calendar application , ex. change time or others, then you doesn’t have these information in the source tables.
Do you have a solution for this topic?
Thanks in advance

@LP16 My calendar is for reference only. The data that is changed comes from a different source. so what i use is a linked mssql table and created a view so on refresh the view gets the new data. It works for what i was needing.

You can capture the information in onBeforeUpdate or onAfterUpdate and save the data yourself where you want it

Hello jlboutin60,

you are right. But for me I have an other situation.

Source for the calendar is a union query based on different tables for e.g. vacations, different types of customer appointments etc.
The view of all entries in the calendar works fine. But for changes I need different data entry forms depend on the types of the calendar entry and here I have a problem at the moment.
see https://forum.scriptcase.net/t/calendar-open-different-forms/27943?u=lp16

Maybe you has a good idea.