upload doc path not working ONLY on production

I have scriptacase 8.1 installed. I have a control application used only to load files into “/opt/files/” directory (absolute path ) via a Document (File Name) field.
Inside the app settings I specify the Documents Path as /opt/files , and of course it works on development environment.
Then I publish application/project via zip files, and put onto a web server (it is part of a big project with lot of other application working …)
Here, the files are put in different location , specifically: BASE/_lib/file/doc.
Like the settings are not taken into account on production environment.
I need to put the files absoluteluy on the /opt/files/ directory , like it is on development. Of course prod server has the same directory, with the same permission like development.

Does anyone know how to solve this ?
Best Regards
Federico Maccioni

try to deploy your project in the advanced mode. It will allow you to specifiy the folders.

Aducom thank for the answer.

  1. It means that I cannot specify different absolute paths for different File Document / apps ?
  2. I use several function that retrieve such files. Is there a way to refer to such path ? I guess there must evist a variable referring to Doc directory , indipendently from development and production .

Thank you very much