uploaded images disapear on validation of required fields failure

Hi Guys

i have a form with a required field and an image field.
a problem happens when I insert a new record via the for and the required field is not filled in.
A small icon with the message that a field is required comes at the place where an uploaded image is shown.

easy to reprocude
make a single form with an image field and a required field , try to insert a new record , upload an image but do not fill the require field. Bum, the message comes , but the uploaded image is gone. my clients complain that they have to upload heavy images twice if they forget a required field.

i think it is a bug. all other fields keep their values after the warning , but the image field dies.

please help

with kind regards

Good evening, I have the same error, did you manage to find the solution?

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I ended up implementing my own upload form,
SC upload does not support multiple images upload anyway,
also , if users upload several images from IOS camera, IOS gives images the same name like image.png, you end up loosing the images. with your own upload form, you can name images as you wish.

i posted code on github