URL limitation 100 characters?

Hi there,

I am not getting it. Is my approach wrong or is there a bug. Any suggestion will be highly appreceated.

In mySql database I defined a column “link” wich is of the type Varchar and 3500 characters long. That should be long enough to hold any weblink. When I made a form in scriptcase using this field I defined a field “link” type URL and a maximum of 3500 characters. When I paste a link in this field any character more than 100 is not accepted by the field.

What am I doing wrong?

Roelof Pit

You can use substring function, as shown below:

SUBSTRING(str, pos, len)

str : The string you want to cut. pos : Starting position from where you want to cut. len : Length in characters, up to where you need to cut.

Hope it helps
SELECT title,
WHEN LENGTH(description) > 100 THEN SUBSTRING(description, 1, 100)
ELSE description
END AS ‘description’,
FROM nfc_film f
INNER JOIN nfc_film_category fc ON f.film_id = fc.film_id
INNER JOIN nfc_category c ON c.category_id = fc.category_id
ORDER BY title;

Did you put 3500 in the Maximum Size parameter (in the Values format section Fields)

Substring is not a solution because I need the whole string to get it working as a link to a webpage. And Yes I set the maximum size parameter also to 3500. It should be working, But it didn’t. I have a workaround on my form. I split the URL into chumps and in the event before inserting I stick erverything together and insert the result into the database. Not nice, but it works.