Use AJAX to load new content after search/ NO refresh of the page

so here is the thing, i need to display both search and results in the same page. Like this example here: " " …but, when it loads the new content, the page is refreshed.
I have to get rid of the refresh process since i’m gonna use this application in a web page and i don’t want to show the other components that come with the result as it’s refreshed…
I hope i made my self clear…

I thought i could use AJAX,but i don’t know where.

Any idea is greatly appreciated!


Afaik you can set an ajaxevent on a field. An onchange will do in this case. Then you can set a filter on the query and refresh?

hey :),
thanks for answering
…but i still can’t figure it out. Ok for the AJAX part, but the grid doesn’t have ajax events and even if it is a form application(which supports ajax event),i have to call a search app first… anyway none of these loads the new content without refreshing the page :frowning:

The instructions are oln
These comply afaik on an earlier version of SC but using these principles I managed to do something similar. Does it provide help for you? Where does it fail?

I had a similar scenarios to show search box as well as the results in same page. Having a Grid application and configuring a search within Grid solved the problem by using an iframes and onchange submits.



That’s quite interesting! Thanks! i think i will use this in an iframe in my web page, it still does refresh the hole page when i click on search, but apparently i can’t get rid of it :confused:
Anyway, this is very helpful! Thanks again!

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thanks for answering but i have a search calling a form, so this example does not do my case :confused:
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Hi Mirela,

I got the same problem and I still not founded a solution. I got four fields on search area and 2nd is based on the selection of first and so on till the 4th that is based on selections of 3 previous fields.
Have you got fix it and if yes are you so kind to suggest me how …