User not activated error

Hi all,
I’ve hit a brick-wall in the deployment of a simple two application project. The project is secured at “user” level.

The database, used during development and deployment, is on a remote server.

In the development system the applications behaves as expected.

After deployment to the remote host, once the connection has been configured, the login application appears. Using a valid login and password, i.e. the same one used in the development cycle, I get “Sorry, but user not active”.

Checking the user data table, I see the user is active.

I’ve run out of ideas, so any ideas for further trouble shooting?


OK, now I am confused - this is the SC generated snippet from app_login:

if(count({rs}) == 0)
sc_log_add(‘login Fail’, {lang_login_fail} . {login});
else if({rs[0][1]} == ‘Y’)
[usr_login] = {login};
[usr_priv_admin] = {rs[0][0]};
[usr_name] = {rs[0][2]};
[usr_email] = {rs[0][3]};

Why would “if({rs[0][1]} == ‘Y’)” fail if, as I have confirmed, rs[0][1] contains the char “Y”???

I am having this same issue. Any ideas?

Don’t know if this is a possibility…

After deploying to Prod, did the database connection bit actually configure okay?

I get the same “not active” at login app, but I know now that this is because I didn’t get the db connection configured properly in the prod environment. All was okay except (when configuring the connection) the very bottom drop-down did NOT list the databases available, even though it indicated success for the test connection.

Turns out this is because my Prod environment uses PHP 5.5 and SC needs 5.4. If you are also using 5.5 then that could be the cause.


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This little drop-down drive me crazy for hours and hours with the “User not active message”… THANKS!!!