Using Bootstrap Stylesheet

Hello all,

I try to use the css of bootstrap. I uploaded the latest libary of bootstrap into my scriptcase. In my form, I created a php method with following code:

<?php Then, I called the method in my onScriptInt... But the css stylesheet is the default one... How can I do that the css of bootstrap is used? Thanks! Erik

Please try something

Could you post your code?
Can you tell me something about it?

consider that you can replace the default css when you are using only a blank application, if you use bootstrap on other kind of application , the app will have its own css and you will have a confict, i dont know how but scriptcase managed to “ignore” your new css in order to avoid a big grate error…

so… tray what you did on a blank app (or a control app, dont forget to click on “edit html” when you create it)


if you want i can connect via zoom

yes, in blank app it works, but in grid or form it doesnt…

@edifact thx, maybe we can do it with zoom later, mybe you cann help me here=>
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thanks, I solved it by creating a blank app and did all by myself without scriptcase… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But, have you an idea how can I do a form responsive or better for mobile view? I have a form like this:

I tried with bootstrap to do this with tables, but thats not very nice… how would you do this?

i am sorry, as you can see i am not a profesional coder… but… if you made all the html and css by hand by your self you can edit your css in order to make it responsive, as far as my small css knowledge goes… there you can do some simple stuff to make it responsive

ond the other hand, i can see that your css (made with bootstrap]) is not “super fancy” so… maybe you can make your form with a scriptcase form using and change the theme with the theme editor you are only using 2 or 3 colors if i where you i will take this route modifing and old theme (not the fancy sweet-blue) i have had some hard time doing so…

and the scriptcase themes are responsive (as far as i know) (at least the new ones are responsive and a old one caled something like smerald)

i am sorry that i can not be more usefull

best regards