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I need to know how validation on forms works with SC6. There has been no suitable solution with SC v5, especially when it comes to date/time fields.

  1. Is it possible to run a working validation upon sending single form that will prevent database writing and tag all wrong entries like as if used sc_error_message (also scrolling to top of form with long forms and focusing first invalid field)?

  2. As I said, date/time field had been a problem as well. Internal SC validation with this specific field worked, but you were still able to move on to the next field. Also the calendar icon did not fire any ajax codes.

I might move to SC6, but when I still have those issues I can’t work on my project and therefore no sense in upgrading.

Re: validation with SC v6


I have sent your first question as a suggestion to our development team. As to the second question, now you are able to fire Ajax Events, and there is nothing wrong with internal validations.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Re: validation with SC v6

thank you…I would like to see a demo on this (Validation with SC6 and behaviour of date/time field) before I purchase SC6…any way to do this?

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Did you tried the demo version yet?

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No…where can I find this? It can’t be that hard to publish a demo on this topic. Almost any form has a working validation in case user enters wrong data. When you try to save the form, you will be notified that some wrong data has been entered and the fields are tagged red accordingly. Why can’t I do this with SC the easy way?