Version 9 with semantic ui

i noticed sc9 using semantic ui. is very good responsive framework. i hope they can implement to generated project as well.

Nice catch! Didn’t know that. Looking around the libs and websamples I found a database grid that looks the same to me to the grids produced by Scriptcase. Perhaps they are already using it, biut perhaps not to it’s full extend, Don’t know.

I looked it up :slight_smile:

I think, It most better wait for SC 9 Be Tested Completely, so we do not get error in our projects.

Yes, but then who is going to do the beta testing?

Seems that control application only the way to implement the truly responsive forms. :rolleyes: Hope next week can download the version 9

I’m ready for SC9. Those that don’t want to use it, allow us that do to help log the bugs. I’m ready and am looking forward to upcoming features and the improved design.

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