Version not permitted for this server.

Can someone help me with this.
I have the IDE version 6 installed on a shared server (GoDaddy) for a matter of convenience
I had no problems in the installation, in licensing it, either to restore the backup.
But it happens sometimes when I want to build applications that gives me the following error
“Version not permitted for this server.”
I did clean install and also fails sometimes.
Someone can guide me what is the error, says support can not work on a dedicated server, but do not explain the cause.
which features “php” needs to work properly.
Should work perfect, I do not understand what happens.
Greetings and thanks.
ps: sorry for the translator

You need to register your product on a pc or server. Then this pc or server is stored and you cannot install SC on another server and use same licence. Then errormessages like above appear. In your case the problem could be that your shared server doesn’t have a fixed ip. But I’m not sure.

Thanks Albert, I generate a new serial for use in godaddy, and stop using the local IDE, I have no fixed IP, and had no problems locally
For me it is much more comfortable to work online because I have all my clients on the same server, including databases, the deploy is immediate and the IDE works at an acceptable speed.

But is your issue solved then?

no, i’m still having this problem, but sometimes it works and sometimes not

Then it’s hard to say for me. I think you should go into contact with SC directly.

yes, but they’re going to say that you can not use on a shared server, without explanation of why

Why should they say that? The number of licenced concurrent users is not depending on the machine SC is running on. But that’s my few cts, I’m not from SC…

answered that when I create a ticket about it.
I do not think it’s a problem of concurrent users.
Looks like something related to how the license is associated with the computer (eg, mac address)


Please get in touch with our sales team at

Bernhard Bernsmann

Bernhard, I get no response from sales

When did you post? There might be some time-difference due to different time-zones.

48 hours ago :smiley:

Hello Mozit,

I will contact our sales team and let them know on your current issue.

You should be contacted through your email info [at] … Or should I tell them to contact you at other email (pm me if so).

Bernhard Bernsmann