WebCam using webcamjs saves blank image using Nate's example

I am using Nates example Scriptcase - Webcam integration with Scriptcase - YouTube. I used his code from the google drive (typical copy paste).
The web cam interface is working fine. When I cllick on take photo button, the imaage from web cam shows up, but issue with the code as follows

  1. Saved image is blank and black
  2. Image field is not getting populated with the data
    Is there something I am missing ?

this example is quite complicated, also setting up the path for files is tricky, you might check that.

i usa a form with a boton which allows to upload or shoot not one but several images in one go, this works better. also there are button tags so that the browser will open camera automatically instead of file upload.

but if you have basic requirements this youtube example should work, check all the steps again.

in general SC upload functionality is way too old and should be redesigned.

  • allow multiple uploads
    -allow to switch between camera or file upload dialog

Thanks. I dropped the entire idea for other issues.