I’m running through this same issue again and again since SC5. Every once a while there is a problem with ADD/DELETE buttons. There are number of users complained about this same problem for several years. So far the only way to have those buttons show up on the GRID was to delete and re-create the grid using wizard.

At this time I created a single grid App, added a link to the FORM added “FormBottons” to the grid. They are still not visible.
I then removed all buttons from the toolbar, and after re-generating they were all gone. I re-added all buttons to the toolbar back again. All buttons EXCEPT ADD / DELETE showed up.
I tried to clear browser cache, remove _lib folder, restart SC, remove ‘temp’ files, nothing works. It just drives me crazy when I have to remove and re-create grid app in order to have those buttons show up. Perhaps we can figure out together some common pattern why there is no problem with other buttons but ADD / DELETE ? there must be something wrong with SC not cooperating with browser or simply some bug preventing it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n63697[/ATTACH]

grid has NO buttons [ATTACH=CONFIG]n63698[/ATTACH]



Suggestion for NetMake: I would rather see the ADD and DELETE buttons separated so I have more control. In many cases I would like to keep the DELETE button but not to show ADD button. I also want to be able to change the ‘display name’ of the button so (for example) the ADD will become INSERT .


I did some testing with different forms and here is what I discovered.

  1. Created GRID1 / FORM1 combo using wizard. The FromButtons show up as expected.
  2. I have had existing FORM2 which modifies the same table but it is more advanced as it is Master/Detail type. This form however modifies the same table as in p.1.
    I edited LIN K in GRID1 to call FORM2 (instead form1). The FormButtons disappeared. I modified the same link back to FORM1, and FormButtons are back again. Since my FORM2 is really advanced and it took lots of time of creating it, re-creating it from scratch is not an option.

Another words for some (unknown to me) reason the fact the FormButtons disappear is related to what form is linked to the grid. It seems like if the original FORM which was linked to the grid is replaced with some other form the problem arises! I would appreciate if somebody could test and confirm that.
At this moment (unless proved otherwise) I would definitely [B]consider this a BUG which needs to be fixed ASAP. This is crucial!


We are currently working on links area with new flags and improvements. Thanks for your feedback, we will validate this problem and decide what will be done.

OK, thanks for replying, but in the meantime is there any workaround that problem ? I’m stuck and cannot do any testing on my Apps since there is no buttons to add/delete new record

I believe you already know the work around on this, you said it yourself.
It should be faster to re-do your app, since its just create it, copy any custom codes and check the same configurations as you did before.

This is complex form and re-creating from scratch is not an option.

It has been over a week since the problem was reported.
I’m stuck and cannot make progress in the project. None of the workarounds or suggestions I was able to find helped.

Dear NETMAKE - any updates on fixing the bug ?


once again ! please read this carefully !

When you create NEW grid/form APPs this works fine! I have never had a problem when creating new App (with the missing buttons). the whole problem starts when you start manipulate links, rename Apps, change link properties etc. YES THE PROBLEM STILL EXISTS. Just study other posts (I’m not the only one reporting this).
I would suggest to do some of the operations I mentioned and see how it works.
There is another post abut this same issue where I explained step by step how to duplicate this bug.


Hi Sir,

We changed application name and some properties of the link and no have problems, the buttons is showed.

Please, send these applications and database for we check better the problem, send to bug@scriptcase.net

Best regard,
Netmake team

The project I’m working on has some confidential information in the database so I cannot share it. I will try to extract some stuff and let you know if I can share it. You might study other posts as this is not the only one where people have had the same problem.

Is there any update on this?, I have this exact same problem, please advice on how to solve this.
Thanks and Regards,

I think I have the same problem, please advice on how to solve this.

Try to put in the toolbar of the form the “Insert” choice.

It’s 2019 now and I’m having this exact same issue. It’s pretty aggravating. I’ve already recreated multiple forms multiple times.

OK. Without having to recreate a complicated form here’s what I did and it seems to be working so far. Perhaps it’ll also help NetMake (Scriptcase) finally put the bug to rest and fix the issue.

Form Settings > Edit Fields > Move all field to 'Fields not show".

Generate source code

Form Settings > Edit Fields > Move all field to their respective blocks.