I watched several webinars on YT. In every one of them Marcia mention about emailing the sample projects to the participants. So,…what about those who cannot attend ? WHY THIS DISCRIMINATION ? Why simply not post the examples on the NetMake website ?

Where is the list of future webinars (topics) ? Why so many suggestions are ignored ? We need advanced technioques. There is plenty of basic tutorials. We also need details. When running a tutorial webinar it is not enough to say this and this is possible. I would like to see it in action. To many details in the presentations are skipped.

so once again - WHERE ARE EXAMPLE FILES ???

Good Idea Artthur. I Would like watch these videos. So the user can learn new techniques. as The manuals are not complet.

I have sent an Email to Marcia today with the request. Let’s hope she will respond.

Hello Guys,
I am organizing the website to attach videos with project and codes there. I do that job by myself, because I love to teach the less i know :slight_smile: While we don’t have that all online i ask you please do ask me the projects by email on marcia@scriptcase.net I have them all within my server. Please just let me know the one you guys need.


Thank you Marcia, I am sure that the videos will be important for novices and for all people of the community.

I would really like to see them posted all. Asking one by one with many users is just asking for problems and will take more of your time (Marcia). You could post them on the forum in separate threads. If you attach a ZIPed file to the first post and allow others download it this would be easy way to start. I would create separate thread for each example. This will also allow people to discuss possibilities, repost updates, make improvements etc.