Which Production Enviroment to use?

hi, am about to deploy my first sc project. Normally i would have chosen Linux (ubuntu). Problem is i have never configured a production environmnet! From what i read on this forum, there are lots of errors when configuring linux OS, and some expert knowledge is required.
I dont have time to do that now, so i was thinking of using windows ( did i hear some shrieks out there? :smiley: )


  1. any advice on using visualization?
  2. the system users will not exceed 10 people, so can wamp or xamp do?
  3. what would be the minimum specification for a desktop machine to run such an app?


I would suggest you just try it. It doesn’t take at all long and is straightforward (assuming no errors).

Mine is on Ubuntu (14.04) - no issues at all (just need to make sure certain folder permissions are correct, and if they’re not and you get errors, then normally they’re quite easy to rectify). If you do have issues though,and limited knowledge, then try Windows or whatever. But given the overall effort is quite small I would just try your preferred first and see how you get on


I think i misspell something…
I was thinking of using vimware or virtual-box on a laptop. The client wants the program on a laptop.

I’ve had no problem with virtual-box - runs as expected (just slower, naturally)