Why Link Application doesn't appear when using User Defined Orientation

I create grid using User Defined Orientation. When I want to make a new link to a form, I don’t see Application link. Why Link Application doesn’t appear ?
So how can I link grid to form easily as usual ?

Scriptcase Deveoper

My ODBC or SQL connection does not work. I have tried dozens of different methods. When I reported this I was told to upgrade and enter my new serial and then it “SHOULD” work. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even recognise the local host server. I created several various databases and even though it saw the database it said that it could not connect.

This is extremely frustrating.

@Brian: can you give some more information? Which database are you trying to connect and with which method? Can you connect to the database by plain php?

Assuming you use windows (since odbc also exists on linux) I need to know which server you are working on.
some things to verify first:
-test if you can access the database normally.
-create an odbc connection for that database and test it with msquery or msaccess or any other odbc query tool
-what webserver are you running under? If it is iis then check all the proper right.