Why Scriptcase is not as popular in other Development Framework


I have been using scriptcase for a long time now. I can develope a industrial size software using scriptcase. However I have not seen many people using it in many places or Job market for skilled scriptcase developer is not much. You can do as much things using scriptcase that you can do using any other PHP frameworks (specially for database driven site). You can also create CMS like site using scriptcase But ofcourse you need a strong background of software engineering.

I have introduced scriptcase in one of a big company in Thailand, it’s a satelite company, Now I am working in UK and I am using scriptcase to develop someof the backoffice use software for our company’s clients.

I wonder why you don’t see many developer’s talking about scriptcase in web application development industry.

looking forward your opinion.


Well, this is my point of view as developer before ScriptCase user.

  1. ScriptCase is not intented for developers.
  2. ScriptCase design is deficient.
  3. ScriptCase is not for big websites (maintenance).
  4. ScriptCase is not a development framework, looks like a CMS where you can edit properties throw a user interface.

Today is so fast creating a website with development frameworks out there, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Laravel. Even WordPress is to much easy to manage and learn for people who has no idea on development sites. Now days you have development tools like composer, bower, nodejs, etc. Coding php, css, javascript is not the same today, now it is too fast, you can build a website opened for new modules in a pair of hours. do you want to include google maps? no problem, invoke the api with npm; do you want to let the users pay with paypal or stripe? no problem, lets include it via composer; do you want to change the template without affecting the logic business? no problem, lets include/replace a new bootstrap template in some minutes. But as I mentioned, this is a view from a developer perspective, and the points listed above maybe could be the causes that avoid to be choose.

I am using Scriptcase now since 2 years. I need it for a web application where orders can be placed and articles can be administrated. Without Scriptcase I had no idea how to realize this, because I am not basically a Web Developer and not familar with all the tools available. Sure I have some PHP knowledge.

I am also developing some internal tools for our company with MS Access and have developed and support earlier software applications running in some countries of EU but with an old
programming language.

What do you mean Manfred if you say Scriptcase is not for big websites. How do you determine a big website ?
I don’t know where the limitations of scriptcase are in case of users, etc.


Hi williz,
It is when you have too much applications into ScriptCase to support to much requirements (I was not referring about the db’s size). For large websites where you need a lot of sections like contact, maps, member management, session, assets library, registration, human resources; it turns complex to keep an efficient way to work with applicationw into ScriptCase. In my case, I am re-utilizing code adding nested grid when it is necessary, but when there are 300 applications imagine how hard is to track support in them, that is why I mentioned that ScriptCase is not intended for large websites in a maintenance context. :wink:

I can hardly believe that. I used to build php applications with smarty and other tools / frameworks, but as soon as the number of source files increases the maintenance becomes an issue. That has nothing to do with scriptcase. You can organise your code into a folder like structure and that works pretty well. I wouldn’t compare Scriptcase by building applications in laravel and other toolkits. Like a screwdriver and a hammer, use the tools where they are for. If you only have a hammer than every screw becomes a nail as we say it.
Building applications in a cms is more like building plugins. Nothing wrong to that, but if I have to develop a quality system for a factory I’m not going to do that in a cms.
Be aware that SC is a commercial tool. Although you can build a lot in large popular frameworks, open source could have it’s disadvantages. I.e. in bootstrap you have great additional components. However, a lot of them have not been updated for ages. Because they are perfect? So everybody needs to think for themselves: ‘what’s the best option for me’?

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I would say it in one word: Marketing.
I think that is why SC is not as “famous” as other IDE’s. It is a very good development tool but maybe they would need to invest more in Marketing to make the tool known. Americans are good at Marketing and that is why pieces of software like Windows or Office have huge market share even though they are not the best. From the technical standpoint, SC is up there with the best software development tools. It’s just Marketing that is lacking. Borland had great tools back in the days as well, but were not as mainstream as, say for example Visual Studio.

As any CMS in the market. Anyway, SC can’t compare to a CMS. Is not the same thing

  1. ScriptCase is not for big websites (maintenance).

SC is not for websites. Is for web applications.

  1. ScriptCase is not a development framework, looks like a CMS where you can edit properties throw a user interface.

Yes, I developed all my projects, my ERP and my cloud POS with point&click :rolleyes:

SC is an IDE, a PHP Generator.

I don’t have time right now to read all posts and answer, but on the topic.
One of the problems of developers is his ego (me included). I saw how a great development tool was totally rewrited from scratch just because was not based on AngularJS (the trending JS library right now). This was mainly the reason they rewrited all. Cool right?

Then, you can add to this SC marketing is inexistent. You can see how there is an official SC blog where they don’t speak about the tool itself. Albert, me, have blogs when we try to change this, but all here have our business and is dificult to find free time.

I will extend this later

I am new to ScriptCase.

FWIW I found it via Internet search.
So far I find it impressive - does more than I thought.
Still have a lot to learn.

Forum people are great - their enthusiasm and helpful replies give one comfort to explore SC further. Also good to see ScriptCase staff active in the forums.

I think there must be a lot of people like me who find ScriptCase via search and like it enough to continue further evaluation.

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Well, added to my last post, as I said, probably one of the problems is marketing issues. If you focus your marketing only on SALES SALES SALES SALES this will fail obviously. Of course, you get sales, but not as much as you can. This don’t means Netmake don’t get sales. Brazil market is 2 times bigger than international, and international has a lot of sales, but not too much if you compare agains Visual Studio or Delphi sales.

SC has it’s problems (changing soon) with design. Content is formated with tables, all is under iframes (and more than one at the same time). All of this is not good for responsiveness, SEO, and so on. This stops you to get a good web app? Of course not, but there are too much purists, this makes them to scream. My customers don’t care if a detail form is under an iframe or not, they want to have it working, and this is all. And with SC I can get great web apps working in short time (compared to not using SC)

Last, SC is a very specific tool (again, is for web applications, not websites), and not too much familiar outside Brazil.

SC and Netmake has it’s flaws, and we expect this to be changed, but at the end, is a great product improving in every version.


SC is a powerful tool. With an inspired developer, it can do some amazing things. Imagine what would happen if SC code quality improved and they got serious about responsive design without tables… Marcia could take a vacation while we sold new licenses for her on this forum. I spent a lot of time on this forum prior to deciding to license SC. I saw a vibrant community, with great contributors like Giu and Albert and others. And I also saw the unhappiness about bugs, tech support and missing product features. So my decision to move forward was mixed - hopeful but realistic. I believe that SC and Netmake have a bright future. How quickly they get there is up to them.

I agree totally with Giuseppe! I’m a programmer at heart - but SC has provided a tool that allows me to fast-track web-applications that would normally take me much longer to achieve.
​For me - SC is not a website. It’s a tool to create Web-Applications within minutes. My first app took me about 30 minutes. It was amazing how easy it was.

I’m 100% satisfied with how SC works for me!



I do a lot of JoomlaCMS for a living and love it , but that is website like wordpress and others. No good for web applications which is a whole different animal

Hello Every one, This is my first time in the forum, I Just recently bought Scriptcase and I need to use a php library called autoload.php but I was told to install composer since it has dependencies. How do I go about it in scriptcase. Does Scriptcase work with php Composer?
I will appreciate any assistance

In my opinion -

The main problems with SCriptcase are:

  1. Lack (or not enough ) of integration (with external tools). Yes we have external libs, but this is where the story ends :frowning:
  2. Super poor English documentation and almost non-existent support
  3. Bugs, bugs, bugs.

Those are the main reasons SC is not popular, because existing users do not give enough positive feedback to the market (and obviously they have a reason for that). All this boils down to poor company management and lack of understanding main principles or marketing, quality control, customer relation etc.

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@nkechuks Scriptcase does not work natively with Composer. But it I believe it is possible to implement an import layer to work with composer. I am not aware that it has been made before but I’ll try something like that myself and then turn into a topic to show in a webinar. It is also possible that we implement an integration like this in the future.

Hello! All, I am now improving on my scriptcase skills, It’s really an awesome app, thumps up to the creators. but I have a question - How do I show the gridlines in a pdf application, and I also notice that the header logo image prints on every page. How do I disable header image after the first page break?

Still Learning the advanced features of Scriptcase - I don’t know how to Stop Scriptcase from printing Header/Footer on every page (Record per line setting). I want the Header Printed in the first page and the footer printed in the last page. I also want the Gridlines printed. Kindly help me out.

i think gridlines are not possible with the regular pdfapp.

instead you need to program it with the TCPDF lib.

watch and learn form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08nlb6BmpDQ

in india i am 1st to use scriptcase since 2016

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con scriptcase se me hizo facil aprender PHP venia de programaren COBOL durante mucho tiempo y con scriptcase he desarrollado varias aplicaciones web para mis cliente.
elfide.com esta aplicación esta hecho en scriptcase.


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