Wordpress deployment not working

I try to deploy scriptcase on my wordpress server but it has been impossible. It keeps saying page not found.

Is there anything I am missing?


Why would you want to mix them?

Well, I am using wordpress for the static part of my clients website. but i needed to have database forms and applications that deals with the operation of that business.

I am comfortable with scriptcase for my web applications development tool and I have several applications running on client sites. But I use wordpress for the beauty and eligance it provides as a marketing interface for many clients. I reason I can create a folder for scriptcase application on the same server and link it to the menu I have on the marketing website.

I have done somthing similar to a site i developed with another tool.

Thank you.

Check if the url that is being references is indeed on the server to exclude upload errors. Verify that the directory where you uploaded has sufficient rights to run applications and that you are allowed to break the WP structure and jump to scriptcase. It might be necessary that you deploy the sc application under the WP structure.

Never thought of mixing the two

Thanks for your response.

are you suggesting that I shound upload scriptcase like a plugin in wordpress?

Thank you.

Of course, this is just a suggestion, don’t know if it works. But create a subfolder under the root of your wp folder and upload sc there. As long it is within the WP space, you should be able to run it as it will inherit the same rights. If not, then it must be a matter of setting the correct rights. Unfortunately, every hoster does it differently …

yup, Adu, says right, new folder, plus u may need to edit your wordpress .htaccess file as it tends to block access to all folders!

Yo lo hice así.
1- Cree un directorio en dentro del directorio principal de wp, donde se coloca la aplicación sc
2- Al descomprimir lo archivos debes buscar a. nm_functions.php , en la líneas 259 a la 284 se deben comentar (deshabilitar), o las que tengan la función siguiente:
b. /*function is_ssl()
c. {
d. if (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’])) {
e. if (‘on’ == strtolower($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’])) {
f. return true;
g. }
h. if (‘1’ == $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]) {
i. return true;
j. }
k. }
m. if (isset($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_SCHEME’])) {
n. if (‘https’ == $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_SCHEME’]) {
o. return true;
p. }
q. }
s. if (isset($_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’])) {
t. if (‘443’ == $_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’]) {
u. return true;
v. }
w. }
y. return false;
z. }
Ya que si no lo haces tendras probelmas con WP

3-La instalas de forma directa desde la web, ingresas a wp con un usuario, vas de forma directa al directorio de la aplicación y la instalas.
4- Y luego con el plugin wp Iframe hallas a los formularios o grid que quieras.

why people do not want to learn English - since it is international IT language :frowning: ???