Zend Server no longer free, any suggestion for server installation in Mac OS X?

I’m using Mac OS X.
Zend Server is no longer free for for development environment.
Any suggestion for alternative server installation?
How’s about MAMP? any issue when scriptcase running on MAMP?
Is MAMP come with the zendguard, php version and mysql version which are needed by scriptcase?
Please advice, thanks.

How’s about ampps?

could anyone can compare pro and con for AMPPS, MAMP and XAMPP in Mac OS X for SC?

I’m using the latest version of MAMP Pro but my Scriptcase (7.1) app is installed with it’s own Apache, PHP 5.3 and Zend Guard, which all came with the application installation package. At first, I tried to get it to work with MAMP but had too many issues. I finally just installed it as a package. So I’m running two Apache/PHP stacks but MySQL is part of the MAMP stack and integrates well into the SC development environment. And I use the MAMP version of phpMyAdmin as well.

I would like to install SC 8 into the MAMP stack and add Zend Guard Loader so I’m not running two servers, but may just take the easy way out and do the complete, automated installation. Even though SC recommends against it, I’ve been using SC and it’s stack in tandem with the MAMP stack for about a year now with no issues.