ZendId on Linux-Prod-Server no access

I deployed my site which was I develop on Mac. On the Strato dedicated Linux Server (Ubuntu) I run the diagnostic and get Zend ok (installed loader runtime 3.3), Zend-Lic is translated by md5, but ZendId is not ok.

I read the others threads and place a folder Zend with the correct rights, but the Linux-Zend-Lic file in, renamed,…
restarted server (just in case).
All done like described in the threads.

But: the ZendId still stays no ok.

Any idea what I can do?

On the production server that does not matter. Deploy your app und try …

ok, thx for the quick reply. Makes me a little more happy :slight_smile:

But, what is this diagnostic for and how could I make it ok?