Adding lines next to each record

I have a pdf report that has a multiple select field that prints out employee names in a column on the pdf. I would like to add signature/initial lines next to each name. I can do that manually but I would like it to print the line for the each amount of employees printed. If there are 5 employees then it prints 5 lines. If there are 10 employees then it prints 10 lines. The only way I can currently do it is static create 10 lines and hope the user doesn’t pick more than 10 employees. A pretty sloppy solution. I don’t know where to start. Do I do a count on the field and somehow use a for each loop or something? These pdfs are the most difficult thing in SC and the webinar links are broken.

yes dude, i think you will need to count the lines, why don’t you add virtual field call it e.g. “row_count” and put InScriptInt [counter]=1; then in onRecord put [count]= ++;

see this, thread starts with different thing, but go on, there is good explanation from king jsb about the multiple rows counting…!