Calendar Application - problem with url datatype

I have a field in my calendar table that holds the link for signing up to an Oracle class. datatype = URL. When I display the link field it displays correctly and I can copy/paste to a browser and it calls the correct url. In the field configuration, I set Show the URL as a clickable link to yes. It looks like a link, acts like a link but when it tries to follow the url, it fails. When I look at the actual data for the url, it has replaced every & with &amp. Any help here? I am working with mySql, field type varchar and collatiion of ut8_unicode_ci

Sounds like a bug to me. On the other hand, check the data in your database. Is the &amp already there? Then you have to look at te input side. Have you checked the ‘label’ property?

I have checked the data and &amp does not appear - only &. What is meant by looking at the input side and the ‘label’ property please?