Detail form update to read-only condition

Hi, I have a master/detail form in which, upon a certain condition (a field contains any value other than blank) I need to lock the entire form (both the master and the detail parts).

Up until now I have been able to lock the fields in the master form using the sc_field_readonly macro. This works fine after updating the form when used in the OnAfterUpdate method. It also works great in the OnLoad and OnNavigate methods to set my form correctly for each record.

For the detail form I used sc_apl_conf and disbled update, delete and insert. This works fine on the OnLoad and OnNavigate methods, but if I use it in the OnAfterUpdate the effect is not visible inmediatly. It works if I go to the next record and then return. Is there a way to refresh the whole master AND detail form set so that I can see the changes instantly?

I think you could try one of the sc_exit() options: