error message while using SC security "date_default_timezone_set();"

Thank you to anyone who can provide some insight as to why I am getting this error message…

I am using the SC security module. This error “flashes” on the screen as soon a I click the “login” button and just before my main menu appears.

The “production” environment is running on centos 6 (64 bit). PHP ver 5.3 with mysql backend. I have one other domain (same production environment - separate web space) running on the same server and do not receive the date(): related error.

I realize this is an error related to PHP function “date_default_timezone_set()”… however, I do not know what is causing the error.

Is this a error related to SC or is there a setting on the server/PHP.ini that would be triggering this error? It ‘feels’:stuck_out_tongue: like a SC error because the production environment running without the error was deployed prior to SC v 8.00.0023 and it “APPEARS” the date() function is not syntactically correct.

Thanks again for any help you offer!:smiley:

Stu Buck
Phoenix AZ


Hi Stubuck,

Set the default time zone in your php.ini file. this is typically found in /etc/ folder in centos.
Next also setup your default time zone in the scriptcase adminininstration section, there was a recent addition.


Thank you Anil for you assistance!

Stu Buck
Phoenix AZ