Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Swift_TransportException'

Hi everybody
I am having problems with the “add users” form in Security module from a while now. I didn’t change any thingin it and yet it shows this error anytime i press ‘add’ to add a new user in the system.

“Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Swift_TransportException’ with message ‘Expected response code 250 but got code “”, with message “”’ in C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\AbstractSmtpTransport.php:422 Stack trace: #0 C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\AbstractSmtpTransport.php(306): Swift_Transport_AbstractSmtpTransport->_assertResponseCode(’’, Array) #1 C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\EsmtpTransport.php(224): Swift_Transport_AbstractSmtpTransport->executeCommand(‘RSET??’, Array, Array) #2 C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\Esmtp\Auth\LoginAuthenticator.php(50): Swift_Transport_EsmtpTransport->executeCommand(‘RSET??’, Array) #3 C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\Esmtp\AuthHandler.php(170): Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_LoginAuthenticator->authenticate(Object(Sw in C:\Program Files\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\AbstractSmtpTransport.php on line 422”

…any idea why does this happen?
Thanks in advance
All the best


Please contact our support regarding this issue. Our chat is active on workdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and our ticket system is always available.

Bernhard Bernsmann

-app_retrieve_password app-open…Programing…send_mail_message:

$mail_smtp_server = ‘smtp.gmail.com’; // SMTP server name or IP address
$mail_smtp_user = ‘programozasvideok’; // SMTP user name
$mail_smtp_pass = ‘password’; // SMTP password
$mail_from = ‘programozasvideok@gmail.com’; // From email

its not work in demo mode ???

Any solution for this post. kindly share i am also facing this

No return code? Perhaps it is google…

Otherwise, things to try … make sure that you have the security for smtp setup correctly and that everything is spelled correctly and make sure you can access the account outside of scriptcase.

hola buenas tardes, mirela lograste corregir el inconveniente, por favor tengo el mismo problema:
error al crear usuario nuevo:
Error fatal: Swift_TransportException no detectada: no se pudo establecer la conexión con el host jpercy780@gmail.com [php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo falló: Error no recuperable durante una búsqueda en la base de datos.
#0] en C:\Program Files\NetMake\v9-php73\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\StreamBuffer.php:269 Seguimiento de la pila:
#0 C:\Program Files\NetMake\ v9-php73\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\StreamBuffer.php(62): Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer->_establecerSocketConnection()
#1 C:\Archivos de programa\NetMake\v9-php73\wwwroot\scriptcase \prod\third\swift\classes\Swift\Transport\AbstractSmtpTransport.php(113): Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer->initialize(Array)
#2 C:\Program Files\NetMake\v9-php73\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third\swift \clases\Swift\Mailer.php(79):

Hi mirela…
It is time i guest Scriptcase should do something about this issue, i myself has been playing around with this in my application, still nothing…! even no good support about how to resolved…il wiil be presenting a demo of an application i design using this mailing option soon,with a client, i just have to figure out how to get away with this…

Estimado Sr. Bernhard Bernsmann

muy buenas tardes, NO HAY SOPORTES…
acabo de ingresar por ayuda, y siempre toca buscar ayuda externa, tengo 15 ticket pagos para nada, no hay ayuda.


Podemos hacer una red para ayudarnos entre nosotros… ya que el soporte no sirve

MIgre a la ultima version y no puedo exportar mi proyecto, alguien mas en la misma situacion, alguien puede al menos intentar si les funciona? Gracias