Form calculated field not working

Hi all, I have an issue with my calculated field on the form. the formula works properly and the result displays on the form. however, when I refresh the form, it shows me a zero instead. when i check my database, it also shows me a zero. I need urgent help with this please.

So you store the result of the calculated field back to the database?

If that’s the case, and you get a result of zero, then that will get stored on the database which is the expected result. In other words the overall behavior is correct, it’s the unexpected result of why your calc is zero on a refresh. Without more detail that’s impossible for anyone to answer with any confidence. The only possibility I can think of, with the limited information provided, is that one (or more) of the fields / values / variables in the calc is set to zero (or possibly null) by the form refresh - thus giving a final value of zero?

Do you have any of those fields / values / variables being initialised on places like onScriptInit, onApplicationInit, onLoad etc?