Forms in SC9.2 and IBM DB2. Fields names and types are MIXED UP !!

Is anyone using database IBM DB2 with SC 9.2 latest revision ?

Whatever FORM application you may try to generate, the correspndence between fields name and labels generated is totaly mixed up.

For instance, if you try to generate a FORM from a simple table like the EMPLOYEE table below:

Column                         Type      Type
name                           schema    name               Length   Scale Nulls
------------------------------ --------- ------------------ -------- ----- ------
EMPNO                          SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 6     0 No    
FIRSTNME                       SYSIBM    VARCHAR                  12     0 No    
MIDINIT                        SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 1     0 Yes  
LASTNAME                       SYSIBM    VARCHAR                  15     0 No    
WORKDEPT                       SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 3     0 Yes  
PHONENO                        SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 4     0 Yes  
HIREDATE                       SYSIBM    DATE                      4     0 Yes  
JOB                            SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 8     0 Yes  
EDLEVEL                        SYSIBM    SMALLINT                  2     0 No    
SEX                            SYSIBM    CHARACTER                 1     0 Yes  
BIRTHDATE                      SYSIBM    DATE                      4     0 Yes  
SALARY                         SYSIBM    DECIMAL                   9     2 Yes  
BONUS                          SYSIBM    DECIMAL                   9     2 Yes  
COMM                           SYSIBM    DECIMAL                   9     2 Yes

you end up with a generated form application with all fields mixed up, for instance field FIRSTNME was labelled PHONENO and field PHONENO was labelled BIRTHDATE !?!?!

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: form.png Views: 1 Size: 52.7 KB ID: 84343”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“84343”,“data-size”:“full”,“title”:“form.png”}[/ATTACH]