Group By content as different <table> elements

I’m working on a project trying to blend Material Design with Scriptcase.
The blend is working very well except for an issue I’m encountering with Grids, and specifically Group By.
The goal I’m trying to reach is creating a Material Design CARD element for each Group By group of elements (i.e I’m grouping elements by day and I’d like to create a different CARD element for each day, containing the list of records related to that day).
The CARD concept was easy to implement for me on Forms since there I created different blocks which creates separated <table> elements for each of them. So I styled the “<table class"scFormTable>” element as a Material Design CARD it it works flawlessly.
I hoped it would have been the same with Grids and Group by, but the problem there is that only one <table> element is created and it contains all the Grid content, so it’s impossible to do what I want to achieve.
I think that creating different <table> elements, and giving them a CSS class, for each Group By, or at least giving the possibility to select this as an option, would help not just me but also other trying to achieve a result similar to mine.

Looking forward to your response.