In my report in PDF Production environment has no accents or "ñ"

Hi good afternoon.

While already solved my issue right margin in previous post, now I found that in development environment to build and test the application I generate my PDF output only delivers the right report, with accents and “?” in Spanish in development environment, but when published and run on any terminal via the Internet, with any browser, the result is the PDF without accents or “?”.
I’ve reviewed all the combinatorial character set both in the application and in the job settings and I could not fix it. Just as in the development environment and application load the accents appear, but only if production does not.
It appears that production does not rise libraries character set UTF-8, ISO-8859.
Now I’m reviewing the code that generates the application to see what is the difference between development and production and try to see it in production does not load the character set.
The database is ok and works well. The temna only occurs in production just when generating the PDF output.

Any advice?

Thank you and good day to all.