Is there a way to add link into group?

Hi! Is there a way to add a link either to the title (Vehicle Number) itslef, or add new button on the right side? I need one of thoose, as well it should bypass the value(vehilce number) to the target application.

Let’s say the field vehilce number is {vehilce_number} on which you make the group.

In the grid there is Group by => Events => vehilce_number_onGroupBy

in that event change the field in this way

{vehilce_number} = {vehilce_number} . " <button>Click me " . {vehilce_number} . "</button>";

you will see the button after the vehilce numberl, then it’s up to you set the click event on put an a tag with a link to an app giving one or more parameters.


Wow, it works, thank you so much!!

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