Many of my previous posts have gone missing in forum revamp

Went to look for a post that had a particular solution I posted so I could re-use it.

Could not find it anywhere.

My count of posts has dropped from 50+ to 21.

Anyone else had similar problems?


Well, I don’t know how to count your posts, but I could find posts back of me until 2005. I assume that some older ones have been deleted as I’m sure longer here on this forum, but those are answer to an ancient version of Scriptcase. So can’t tell.

When I google Scriptcase questions, I get links to forum entries that are not there, then have to search for them in the forum in order to locate them.

Some of the posts I’m missing were in the last month or so, not old ones. It doesn’t look like the data migration to the new forum has worked very well.
As nwbs also says, most Google links take you to dead pages now (I presume because everything has moved)
Not sure the point of this whole revamp, if they were not going to clean up the data, remove dead-ends, etc.
We now have a slightly prettier, but less useful solution as far as I can see.

It just compounds the whole ‘rubbish help’ thing.

Hi, all the post stills there, the problem is the google index that may take a few weeks/months, for example if you search something trough google the link may be broken, but if you search directly from the forum the article appears

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I never searched in Google, only in the forum.
Plus it’s the forum stats that show I’ve posted 20 or so times, when I know the figure was 50+, just a few weeks ago.

You can see an example here: new installation not starting

Where I’m thanked for a remark… but the remark itself is missing!

The loss of Google links is completely separate issue because they haven’t properly redirected from the old location to the new.

It will effect the SEO and leave a litany of broken links, even when the new links index. Eventually they should disappear, but unlikely to be quickly.

This is really bad practice.

Noticed that also, been looking for a few over the last days and haven’t been able to find them anymore. no clue who they belonged to thou.

I’ve also noticed that any embeded URLs in the posts (which often refer to the previous answers), no longer work.
This is a real ‘half-arsed’ attempt to change the forum. (excuse the British idiom!)