Missing Link: "Create Link" should allow a link to a Control app.

Scenario: I want to allow user to enter two non-table values when a SELECT value is not yet available, then create a new database and connection from those values. (OK, it is available in the table, information_schema.SCHEMATA, but I don’t want user to edit that table for obvious reasons).

A Control app is ideal for prompting the user for the two values: it can appear to be a modal dialog and it provides a convenient onValidate event.

“Create Link” is perfect for this also, except that it only lists form apps.

I can add a form app from an existing table, scratch the SQL and fields, add my two fields, etc., but that is an ugly hack at best.

“Create Link” shouldn’t care what kind of app is linked, and someone already considered this because there is an App Type filter control that lists only “Form”.

To whomever lost that argument: You Were Right, they were wrong, put the other apps back.