Netmake, please listen to us.. Please


For years we were shouting but Netmake never listen to us! I cant believe that I must use the same ugly menu that I was used in 2014 this is crazy! also why Scriptcase still use tables in code?
This is just an example.

I am wondering if the guys in Netmake observe the RAD market, compare Scriptcase with similar products and correct their road map? do you know that other RADs in the market are growing very fast and you still inflate Scriptcase with third party scripts?

3 years ago I saw a PHP low code platform, its name is PHP RAD, 30 minutes ago I remembered it, searched and the result was shocked me, look how that simple php rad is upgraded to something huge with tons of features in just 3 years:

I love Scriptcase and everyone know that its great product, Netmake knows the value of Scriptcase and think this will last forever, I am saying NO unless something different will happen.

If you not listening to your customers, not upgrading your product you will lose your position in the market and your customer will left if not today… tomorrow.
Nokia company is a good example here.



I completely agree!!! the menus are 5 years behind as are many other things! Netmake has never listened to its customers at all. I’ve been using SC since version 6, but I’m trying to drop it.

look at my post from 2021, none of this has been done everything is still at 2021

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I agree with you… because of it I made my own menu and I (and all my clients) are satisfied with it.

My menu opens in tabs (like Scriptcase’ menu does) and it is responsive too. So I do not depend on Netmake to create a good menu.

BTW I’ve heard they were creating a new menu, but nothing was presented until now.



you’re menu is so much better than the ones available in SC that you sould sell it to NetMake!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: yes, maybe…

It’s clear that there is a lot of frustration and disappointment among the Scriptcase community regarding the lack of updates and improvements. It’s understandable to want a product to constantly evolve and meet the needs of its users. It’s important for any company to listen to its customers and take their feedback into consideration in order to stay competitive in the market. It’s not uncommon for companies to fall behind if they fail to adapt and meet the changing needs of their audience. It’s important for Netmake to address these concerns and communicate with their customers about their plans for the future of Scriptcase.

It seems that a new menu system is a common request among Scriptcase users. It’s important for a software to have a user-friendly interface, and a modern menu can definitely contribute to that. It’s definitely worth reaching out to Netmake and expressing the importance of a new menu system for the overall user experience of Scriptcase. It’s possible that they are already working on this or have plans to update the menu in the future, but it’s always helpful for them to hear directly from their customers about their needs and preferences.


The main problem is that SC seldom reads the forum, and the communication is close to none, at least in my experience (and I have been a user since version 5). My luck is that business-wise, at the University I work for, I don’t need all the whistles and bells and can live with the basic functionality that works (most of the time). Administrative applications don’t require all the fancy stuff. I gave up on my license as the product has become too expensive and does not offer me the ROI to build client applications. My customers had other demands. And that is something that everyone has to decide for themselves. As iaxhost mentions, there are a handful of good alternatives that do offer bootstrap integration and a lot more things, even with embedded debugging. It depends on your need and what you want.


Hi, wich library are you using for your menus?

Hi @alvagar . I’m using AdminLTE.

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Aquí tienes uno que puedes adaptar

Integrando el Menú Sidebar Template en SC 1/3 - YouTube


GitHub - azouaoui-med/pro-sidebar-template: Responsive layout with advanced sidebar menu built with SCSS and vanilla Javascript

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Can you create an English tutorial on how to convert this menu into a scriptcase menu system.

No I don’t. It’s not mine the tutorial. YouTube can translate for you. Regards

(1) Scriptcase - Sidebar menu with user area - YouTube

Here you can watch one in english.

@gbillot3 Thank you for the tutorial. I watched. It’s great. My only question is why load the application sin iframes? From your tutorial you could notice how the scroll bars in the application didn’t look good. It’s there a way to load open the application in the same page without iframes?

I had contact with support because i bought the last version. based on their site their were several new menu templates. when i clicked on them (in the what’s new section) the page went blank.
I asked them how to use these menu’s in SC. they said that in the next update the menu’s will be available, that’s a couple of updates ago… the menu’s that were mentioned in the what’s new section on the site are gone also…

the menu’s in scriptcase are indeed horrible and really not of this age. @Kleyber_Derick How do you implement these menus in SC?
@gbillot3 their are several sollutions for vertical menu’s is their also something for a horizontal menu, you know?

@rotrax Can you clarify your question. It’s a bit fuzzy.


the problem is not only the menu,
another ridiculous thing is the lack of loading for tables that take a long time to build.
of course I can create it myself … but why use a RAD if some basic features are missing.
the problem is that Netmake doesn’t listen to its customers at all

Hi @rotrax
On this page you can find a lot of menus but you must adapt to SC


@rotrax, I used AdminLTE template to start with. Besides I created a very simple way of creating the menu items inside the menu app itself. It was a lot of work but I’m satisfied with the results, specially because my menu is responsive.