"New" ("Insert", "Add") button can't be hidden in a detail grid displayed from a master

I’ve been struggling to be able to hide the “New” button in my grid.

I know I can:

  • remove the “Form buttons” buttons group in the Toolbar
  • use the “sc_btn_display(new, off);” macro (I tried to use it in all events).
    Nothing of this works. The “New” button keeps showing up again.

My grid is displayed from a master Form with the “master-detail” feature. Therefore there is no setting here to tell the grid to display or not the New button individually.
I tried to switch from “Grid view mode = Enable all features” to “View only”. This hides all buttons in the Toolbar, even the other buttons I want to keep. Grrrr …

I also tried to use the “sc_btn_macro” in different ways (saw them in the forum):
sc_btn_display(new, off);
sc_btn_display(“new”, “off”);
sc_btn_display(‘new’, ‘off’);
and did the same thing with “sc_btn_display(insert, off);”
This New button does not want to go away …
Any idea to help me ?
Thanks a lot.

Hi jefch, did you check this in your master form?


Hi dossamau.
Yes I did and it had no effect.
But what I’ve finally done is I deleted the Edit Application Link and recreated it. Then now the “New” button disappeared …
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I think when you create the relationship master-detail you state the visible options for new, edit and delete buttons, and these prevail over the other options (toolbar and sc_btn_display)


Hi aamartinez.
If I’m not mistaking, in the “Master-Detail” settings, there is no such thing (see printcreen #1)
What you are talking about are the settings of an application link (see printscreen #2).
In thiscase, the issue was coming I think from what dossamau pointed out (the arrow on the printscreen).



and did you try changing “Grid view mode” to “view only”?
In this case it won’t show the buttons, but I don’t know if that is what you want.


Yes, I did. This hides ALL buttons, even the other buttons I want to display … so not a solution. Thx for the option.

A workaround that I implement in my code is to echo out CSS disabling the button like so:

echo "<style>#sc_b_new_t{display: none !important;}</style>";

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Thx Jeffrey. Tis is a good one. I’ll keep it.

Thanks Mauricio, that worked for me.